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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why your business needs social media marketing

Social Media is the Word of Mouth in Today's Business Environment

Most, but not all, businesses can benefit from social media marketing. It’s truly the word of mouth for the digital age— but it does a lot of other things for your business as well, and not all of these good things tie directly into customer-facing categories.

Social media posting includes websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and many others. Of course, your business can do this for itself, but it can be time consuming. Oftentimes it makes sense to hire your social media posting out to a company like Amplify Digital Marketing, where we can take this word of mouth to the next level.

There are two main types of social media marketing, paid advertising and organic posting. Organic posting just means posting to your Facebook wall and/or posting reels as your business without paying for further reach. We’ll be talking about this second type of marketing.

Here are six reasons why your business should utilize social media marketing:

Brand Recognition

The first is brand recognition. People spend massive amounts of time on social media and if your brand isn’t there, you’re missing out on massive amounts of attention. Social media marketing keeps your brand in front of the right eyes on a regular basis— in a way almost all other advertisements cannot— and it’s essential for keeping your brand on people’s minds.


Along with recognition— the building of potential customers— social media helps keep your customers loyal to your brand. When you’re coming to them on their phones or their computer screens multiple times a week or month in an organic manner, it reminds them of what you have to offer.


Speaking of what you have to offer, social media marketing is a phenomenal way to let your customers know about any specials you may be running and get them in the proverbial door. There’s really no better or easier way to get the world out about any promotions you may be running.


One other thing that you can get from social media marketing is customer feedback, even if they don’t know they’re giving it to you. If one post does particularly well for example, you can get feedback in real time about what your customers may want, and what interests them. With this data, you can then tailor both your marketing and your business to more effectively meet your customers needs.

Increase Traffic

Here’s where things start to get a little interesting. One great benefit of social media marketing is that it helps to increase traffic to your website, where you can convert customers. More clicks on your website also means higher SEO rankings.


Finally, one thing social media marketing can do is create backlinks to your website, which are essential for how Google ranks pages. These backlinks are weighted, so they count less for social media postings, but working in concert with traffic building from the social media sites themselves can help improve your Google and other search engine results.

Is Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency Right For You?

Would you like to have a conversation to see if hiring a social media marketing agency might be right for your business? Give us a call any time, we’d love to talk!

We don’t do one size fits all plans at ADM, and we can help you decide if social media marketing is right for your business as part of a larger strategy, or if your money may be better spent elsewhere. We love helping our customers get the most from their advertising dollars, and social media marketing may be a part of that!

Contact us today at (248) 820-5689 or submit to our form, and we can help you decide what may be right for you.

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Michael Carter
Michael Carter
08 mar

SMM is a very important part of every business, it’s a long game, in any business, casinos even went further and started making their own “social media”, namely separate sites for casinos, slots who publish various interesting reviews, write on various interesting topics in order to reach as many people as possible.

Me gusta

30 ene

I completely agree with you that social marketing is essential for any brand. For example, I have my own online store and with the help of social marketing I was able to increase the conversion of my store several times. My employees create videos using Screen Capture, process them and post them on sites so that more people know about my store.

Me gusta

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