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Professional Content Writing


Allow Us to Quickly Care for All of Your Content Writing Services at a Reasonable Price!

Professional Content Writing

Take Your Copy to the Next Level

Content writing for the web is as much an art as it is a science. We understand the messaging on your website and marketing materials is particularly evocative of your business and brand. At Amplify Digital Marketing, we first take the time to understand your voice and what you are trying to communicate to your target audience, and then we make it work for you.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo scrape the text on websites as an important way to rank search engine results. If you want your website to be listed first among many others, it must have effective copy text that search engines can

understand. We use various web-tools to tell us which words we should be using and in what order to draw the best results. We can even rewrite existing text to better perform— in rankings and in customer conversion.

Because that’s not all. We offer a full suite of advertising copywriting services that can take your business not only to higher search rankings, but converts clients and makes sales. We use proven methods to draw consumers in, and then convert to calls or clicks or social media follows so your website and marketing materials are gaining customers and raising awareness. From direct response email marketing to social media campaigns to regularly occurring blog posts that keep you relevant with your customers and search engines, we are happy to provide any of your writing needs. We’re experts at:


  • SEO Copywriting for the web

  • Direct Response Copywriting such as email marketing

  • Content writing of all kinds, from Blogs to Social Media

  • Ad Copywriting

  • Long-form Copywriting


We want to help you succeed, and as a top Michigan web development company you know you are in capable hands with our exceptional and time-tested copywriting and content marketing services.

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