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In partnership with WXYZ Detroit and WDIV Detroit, as well as many other television stations, we are one of the very few advertising agencies in Michigan able to offer local television commercials for businesses small and large. We are a full service TV advertising agency offering video production, television advertisement, scriptwriting, tagline generation, TV music and jingles, acting, production, you name it— truly the full package— to get you into tens of thousands of Detroit Metro Area television sets each night.

And the best part? It might be much cheaper than you think.


Think about it: your business and branding beamed into tens or hundreds of thousands of living rooms each morning, afternoon, or evening to a captive audience. Television is perhaps the most popular advertising medium in the US because not only will your business receive thousands of receptive viewers but Americans have a special relationship with television as it’s coming directly into our homes. There’s no safer, more comfortable place to reach viewers, and audiences have shown time and again to be particularly receptive to television advertisements over many other mediums.

It can truly help to bring your business from moderately successful, to smash hit, to household name.


Think about how many local brands you can name, just because of their presence on television. In the past television advertisements were only for large businesses supported by tons of capital. No more. Because of changes in technology, the television and news businesses, and pricing structure, Michigan television advertisements are within reach for many more businesses than once possible. 


In addition to offering high-impact local television commercials in Michigan with WXYZ Detroit and WDIV, we also are able to offer commercials on other local and nationally syndicated television channels such as:



  • TV 20 Detroit

  • MeTV


  • Fox

  • ESPN

  • CNN

  • TBS

  • And numerous other cable stations


And the best part is we’re a full-service Michigan television advertising agency, so not only can we take care of all of the details in creating the advertisements, we also handle interface and placement with the television stations. Every step of the way, we’ll be there. We’re happy to help you decide the best tone, positioning, channels and times for your newly created advertisements to air.


Call or email our full service TV advertising agency today for pricing, timeline and to set up a conversation about all of our individualized Michigan television commercial packages.

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