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Traverse City Marketing Agency


Digital Marketing in Traverse City, Michigan

Amplify Digital Marketing is a top-tier, yet affordable, digital marketing agency in Traverse City, MI. As a full-service agency we offer (almost) any kind of digital marketing service you may need, and specialize in digital marketing with an emphasis on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

Amplify Digital Marketing has a team of marketing experts ready to take your digital marketing campaigns and business to the next level.

We offer custom solutions to fit most any budget!

Fear Not the Internet! Award Winning Digital Marketing In Traverse City, Michigan! 

Hello and welcome to the digital presence of Amplify Digital Marketing, your award-winning marketing agency in Traverse City, Michigan. If you’re looking for anything digital marketing-related near Traverse City, we’ve got you covered. From website creation and re-design, to copywriting, to graphics, to search engine optimization, to social media marketing and pay per click advertising, your business— and revenue— will thank you for hiring ADM!
How do we know? Well, we’ve won numerous awards and accolades for our work, from top PPC advertising agency in Detroit, to best social media marketing agency in Michigan, and even best digital marketing agency in the entire U.S. 
On top of all this, we prove our value by tracking all kinds of metrics on the backend, so you can see, in numbers, just how many new customers are coming in, how many conversions you’re getting, and ultimately, how much new business we’re bringing to your business. 
Digital marketing in Traverse City has never been easier, more effective, or better for you. We harness the vast power of the internet to bring exposure and new customers to your business, plain and simple. We’ve DOUBLED the revenue of some of our clients and are eager to help you grow as well.

Traverse City Digital Marketing for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

As a small, but successful, business ourselves, we know how hard it can be to spend money to make more of it. But a new fact of life is that the internet is where potential customers find information about your business, and for marketing, the internet is everything. 
Perhaps you already have a website, but you’re not getting too many bites. Perhaps when customers search businesses like yours on Google your competitors rank above you, and end up going elsewhere. Perhaps you could use a presence on social media, or would like to branch out to radio or television. 
We can help, and that’s why you need an internet marketing agency in Traverse City.
We can put your business where it needs to be on the internet, period. We have a long track record of helping businesses just like yours to find, convert, and retain customers, and we can help you too. The proof is in the returns, and we can provide the proof. Money spent is more money earned.  

Full Service Marketing Agency in Traverse City, MI 

What does a “full-service marketing agency in Traverse city” mean? It means we can do anything your business might need. There’s no need to hire different companies to do what is essentially the same job. From internet marketing, to website building, to graphic design and flyer creation, even to jingles for radio and television advertisements, we can accomplish whatever you need. 
And the best part? We can show you, with math, your return on investment. We track everything so that you can see how well your website is converting, see how many new customers we’re bringing in, how many new calls you’re getting. We stand by everything we do, and we want you to see this in numbers— because you’re paying us dollars and cents. 
Not every marketing company can do this, let alone provide a full roster of services. This is just another reason to go with Amplify Digital Marketing— we prove our value over and over again. 

Hire an Award Winning Marketing Agency in Traverse City!

You know your business could use an internet marketing and advertising makeover, so why not hire a Michigan company that will take care of your business just as we would take care of our own? 

We’re your marketing agency in Traverse City, Michigan, and we’re here to help. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and your business. All of our consultations are free, and we’ll even give your website an absolutely free Search Engine Optimization audit so you can see where you rank— and where we can help.
Call today for a free, no pressure consultation. We’re looking forward to serving you!  

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